Who are we?

Custom Kicks Limited is a reputable business registered in England, UK that specialises in customising Shoes!

What designs can you do?

We are currently building a configurator that will enable customers to choose what designs they want, right down to the colours and unique features.

How much do custom shoes cost?

The price is entirely dependent on what design you would like if you want something with a lot of details (something that will take more time to craft) that will be a factor that can increase the price. Also, we would be asking for you to purchase the shoes you want to be customised, so we get the correct style and size for you!

Where are you based?

Can I buy outside of the UK? We are based in the south of the United Kingdom. We will look into shipping outside of the UK, this will be entirely dependent on demand and if there are any restrictions.

What if my shoe arrives and I don’t like the design?

At this point, we would have discussed what design you would like; we would have created a draft/sketch of what you have requested and then if your happy take a deposit and then before shipping we would take full payment. At this point, there would be no refunds, unless the shoes are damaged or if it is not the right design we have discussed.